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Hard Body Karate

by Deathrow Tull

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Over Time 05:43
Pressure 03:48
Sucker Punch 05:16
HOOK: Don't look now We've fallen for the sucker punch Shoulda stood our ground But they pulled the rug from Under us We ain't your clowns The revolution grew inside of us It's time to let it out It's time to fight! Hey! STEPHEN RAWKING: Don't pick a fight, i'd rather pick a card any card; Slight of hand fantasy, illusion of the capital. Trash talkin heads of state, half cocked, half hearted, Half mannequin make-shift patriarch But I'm a state of the art brand new force of nature Source of the taboo flash mob mental picture Sick of the same old lame duck panic button itchy finger So let's load up the pop guns and pistol whips to flip the scripture WMD DUBOIS: Are you ready for a revolution? It's a loaded question assuming I'm ready to stop consuming & tune in Trade expression for weapons No check one two It's hit the deck run shoot blood fued to hunt you And there ain't enough sun tzu to unconfuse Take razor blades to shades of grey to cut some hues & my view, it's shed for a problem we don't solve, rewind revolve until we learn to evolve TEMPLE GRINDIN: How can I revolt when I find it all revolting. Everything is short lived, everything a sport thing. I’m not fresh I’m not up on the next thing. Can’t impress I’m not in the right dressing No less than 55 million people suffering. Don’t nobody do nothing, it’s not trending. Weak catastrophic endorsements pretending endorphins. Civil rights are boring. I’ll just sleep RAWKING: till I woke up broke and damn near starving cause everything was rotten down at the stock market. we went from golden towers and blood red carpets to newspaper blankets on a park bench. Now you can't own a thing that ain't already been stolen and you can't say a word without it being recorded, we could fight for our rights, but it's been done before, so it's just another day under the sword: bored! BRIDGE- When the revolution come - we nah run, we nah run When the revolution come - we nah done, we nah done when the revolution come - we just spun, we just spun right back to the place that we came from DUBOIS: It goes find you a leader, ride with your people, find pride, until that pride become ego Strike down the ones who don't believe you Especially the ones that used to treat you unequal Get your share til you forget you care that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere And all them things you fought for are gone Pork barrel politics when pigs run the farm GRINDIN My mind keeps moving but my hands stay still. Which one have I taken the blue or red pill? On my way to the promise landed in Albequerque Celebrate the mass murders with hot turkey. Is this what my maker expected me to make to take all I can and fake that I’m awake. Middle earth is turning burning at the stake. I count my pennies in the middle of the quake.
Hella Keller 04:10


released December 15, 2020


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Deathrow Tull Brooklyn, New York

Deathrow Tull is the rattlesnake in your lemonade, the whiskey on your ice cream, the underwear on your monkey, and the dancing shoes on your vibrator.

We connect your gray matter to your gluteous maximus and bring flavor and spice to your thirsty eardrum.. Our music will knock your socks off so that your dancing shoes fit more better.

Your reality will be altered.

Get down with us.
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